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Dear Home Buyer,

Choosing a builder is an important decision which should not be left to thumbing through the yellow pages. You will have an important relationship with your builder, one in which clear and regular communication will be essential. We would like to tell you about our company and the unique combination of skills we have to offer.

Robert F. Mader Jr. has been working in the “trades” since the age of twelve, when he apprenticed with masons during his summers off from school. He studied carpentry at Vo-Tech school and entered immediately into the workforce. Since then he has always worked in the building industry, as a master carpenter, roofer, excavator, plumber, and now as a general contractor. Bob has extensive experience in excavating and site work.  In 2001, he designed his own home, and since that time he has continued to create residential house plans for clients.

Today, Bob Mader Jr. works primarily at building custom homes. As a residential builder he has assembled a winning team of specialized subcontractors who work skillfully and conscientiously at each stage of the building process, from concrete flatwork to roofing to plumbing, electrical and masonry. With his 20+ years of experience in the industry, Bob is uniquely qualified to oversee each aspect of the building process, to make critical decisions, and to fill-in wherever necessary.

Bob is joined by his wife, Becky Mader who manages client-care, accounting, and website development. 

As you consider building your own new home, you may have questions about what type of home to build, what materials to use, or even how the whole process works. We make it our job to guide you through all of those important decisions. The first step we take when beginning a residential project is to spend some time on the site. Time spent observing the terrain, the natural features, the weather, and perhaps most importantly the orientation of the sunlight exposure, will be invaluable in the overall proper design and placement of the home. We will help you to design your home to make the best use of the terrain, elevations, and view. We will orient the home in the best possible direction, using such considerations as privacy, scenery, lighting, approachability, and curb appeal. While some builders will build any home on any lot, we firmly believe that customizing the house plan to suit the uniqueness of the lot will reward the owner with much greater satisfaction and resale value.

Perhaps you have already chosen a house plan, yet there may be ways that this plan could be modified to better suit your family and lifestyle. There may be ways to increase the practicality of the layout, or to make it more cost effective. At this time we invite you to contact us so that we might discuss your interest in building. We look forward to assisting you with any questions you may have at this stage.


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