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Why install a Central Vacuum System?


Clients often ask us, "Why do you recommend a Central Vac system?"  The answer is simple.  We want you to really like your new home and be happy living there.  We believe a central vacuum system will be a contributing factor to your health and happiness in your new home.


  Central Vac System Installed in Custom Home  
What is Central Vac?  Central Vac is a superior way to clean your home, in much the same way that central air is superior to using window air conditioners to cool your home.  A central vac system provides inlet ports at convenient locations in the home where a hose can be attached to vacuum the rooms.  The system uses a series of PVC pipes inside the walls of the home which lead to the power unit (motor and dirt canister) that is located "out of the way," usually in the basement or garage. 

Most people don't really care for housework, especially vacuuming.  But what if someone took everything you dislike about vacuuming and improved it?   That's what we feel a central vacuum system does. 


Vacuuming Complaint #1: It's so weak!  Your standard upright or canister vacuum may need to run back and forth over the same area to really get it clean, and it won't pull the dirt out of the cracks!  What's worse, the suction gets weaker and weaker as the bag fills up. 

With a central vacuum system, the motor is much larger and more powerful (like a carwash vacuum!) so it delivers several times the suction of a regular vacuum.  Plus, central vac systems maintain their suction strength even as the dirt accumulates.

Vacuum Noise  

Vacuuming Complaint #2: It's so loud!  

With a central vac system, the vacuum motor and dirt canister are located out of the way in either the basement, garage, closet, or attic so that all you hear while vacuuming is the windy sound of the air sucking into the end of the hose.  No deafening motor noise at your feet!


Vacuuming Complaint #3: It's so heavy!  Your arms and back get tired pushing that machine all over the floor, and then you have to carry it up the stairs! 

With a central vac system, all you handle is a lightweight hose and attachment.  One end of the hose plugs into a port in your wall. While you vacuum, the hose stretches up to thirty feet.  With the inlet ports centrally located, you should be able to vacuum several rooms, or possibly an entire story without having to switch to another port.  Your installer will help you locate the vac inlet ports to maximize reach.  A port can also be installed in the garage (vacuum your car!), and in the basement.


Vacuuming Complaint #4: It's so smelly!  Anything you suck up in a regular vacuum (pet hair!) can leave odors that recirculate into the room.  Those odors are actually fine particles of dust, bacteria and other allergens that were not trapped by the vacuum and are blown back out into your home.  This not only can leave a bad smell, but results in poor indoor air quality.

With a central vac system, any particles that are not trapped in the dirt canister are exhausted outside.  They exit your home each time you vacuum.  Central vac systems have been scientifically shown to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.


Central Vac System Reduces Allergy Symptoms

Vacuuming Complaint #5: Those messy bags!  A standard vacuum requires you to change the bag regularly.  After every couple of uses, the bag may become full enough to decrease the suction.  Changing the bag is messy and dusty, and you're always running out of them!

With a central vac system, the dirt is collected in a large canister attached to the vacuum motor.  The large capacity means that it will only need to be emptied 2 or three times a year!



Isn't Central Vac expensive?  You can expect to pay $1500 to $2700 for a central vacuum system.  The system will outlast conventional vacuum cleaners with virtually no maintenance, and there are no bags to buy.  A central vacuum system will also add to the resale value of your home.







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